• Cyber Safety

    Information sharing is vital to carrying out the District’s mission to ensure every student will graduate ready for college. Information about students, staff, courses, programs, facilities, and fiscal activities is collected and maintained, so that the District can effectively coordinate services offered to students, measure learning progress, assign and monitor staff responsibilities and resource use, and provide other valued services to our communities.

    As the District becomes more reliant on technology and the computing environment for instruction, student assessment testing, educational record keeping and data access, it is essential to have an effective information security strategy that will protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the District’s information assets.

  • Currently, the security infrastructure consists of:

    • Next generation firewalls to detect and block sophisticated attacks, by enforcing security policies at the application level.
    • Web filters and mobile device managment (MDM) provides safe internet access for our teaching & learning environment. 
    • Different levels of access are defined for students, teachers, and administrative staff. 
    • The ability to allow teachers to control student web access in the classroom, while IT maintains centralized control and reporting. 
    • Anti–virus and endpoint protection to servers and workstations.
    • Scanner technology is used across the APS network to report vulnerabilities to the operational teams for mitigation.
    • Identity management tools are used to manage user digital identity, credentials, and groupings. The IT Team is able manage users and govern the specifics of how users and computers operate within the APS network, and provide a consistent security configuration in the environment. 

    APS Information Technology is constantly monitoring risk, evaluating solutions and working to improve the security posture of the district. 

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