• Three Year Tech Plan
    Download Tech Plan PDF.
    APS Technology Plan (2015-2018)
    The Accountability and Information Technology Department has built a three–year technology plan to align with the District’s 2015 – 2020 “Strong Students, Strong Schools, Strong Staff, Strong System” strategic plan.
    The planning process involved gathering feedback from students, teachers, staff, and the community through surveys, group discussions, school site visits, and meetings with all administrative departments. The process also involved extensive research around identifying best practices for educational technology tools.
    The plan is structured by department, with each program summarizing its current access and use of technology, or how it operates to support technological implementations, its future vision to enhance technology access and use, and the challenges that must be addressed to achieve the future vision. The seven goals, listed below, emerged in response to the collective current reality, future vision, and growth areas.
    1. Technology Infused Instruction Facilitating Engaged Learning
    2. Flexible Academic Options
    3. Consistent and Reliable Service and Support
    4. Data Integrity with Asset Management
    5. Technological Efficiencies Among Administration and Staff
    6. Integration through Professional Development
    7. Increase Collaboration with Parents and Community
    This plan outlines what is needed to achieve to support the APS vision of being a high–performing school district where students love to learn, educators inspire, families engage, and the community trusts the system.