Department of Instructional Technology
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  • The Instructional Technology Department of Atlanta Public Schools provides guidance and support to promote the use of technology in student learning.
    To do this, we work closely with curriculum, professional learning and information technology departments, administrators and teachers to plan for the integration of technology into all facets of the curriculum and learning environment.
    The Department is lead by Dr. Natasha Rachell.

    To promote, support, and facilitate teaching and learning through instructional technology integration, preparing students to create, innovate, and collaborate in a global community.



    Strategic Tech Plan

    Strategic Technology Plan

    The Instructional Technology strategic plan outlines our aim to ensure that all students, teachers and staff have access to innovative teaching practices and learning tools that will increase student engagement, and provide transformative uses of technology that promote student learning.


    Our team of educational technology specialists consult with and guide APS teachers to implement 21st Century Classroom teaching practices and technologies. 

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    21st Century Classrooms & Experiences
    21st-century learning spaces are flexible learning areas conducive to different learning styles and instructional strategies. Today's rapidly changing, interconnected world requires that current and future students know how to think differently, work differently, and learn differently.