• EdTech
    EdTech At APS, EdTech is responsible for developing the 21st Century Classroom learning tools and experiences our students need to be safe and savvy digital citizens. Our dedicated Educational Technology Specialists work closely with teachers, school administrators and curriculum leads to introduce and promote technology services, events and programs.
    Keep reading to learn more about technology integration at APS, our approach and plan.

    What is Effective Technology Integration?


    Effective technology integration at APS is a process that takes into account student need and the positive impact new technology can have on learning. It's a process that involves a good deal of research, careful planning and benefits from partnerships developed across the district.





    Our approach

    1. We ask the questions. As new and better technologies are introduced, we look for ways to incorporate them into the      learning environment. Some tools are better for educational purposes than others so we evaluate each tool against a set of  criteria to assess their value. 
    • Can the technology be incorporated into a routine? Is it readily accessible?

    • Does the application enhance instruction?

    • Does the technology provide intellectual stimulation?

    • At its core, does the application support curriculum goals?

    • Does the technology shift students from being passive audiences to active users?

    • Does it provides access to diverse and current learning materials?


    2. We plan. With these questions answered, we're more readily able to develop a plan for appropriate integration and ensure that it supports the Four Key Components of Learning:  

    • Active Engagement

    • Participation in Groups

    • Frequent Interaction and Feedback

    • Connection to Real-world Experts


    3. We partner and Implement. APS teachers have access to our Educational Technology Specialists who are available to  partner with them on developing learning experiences that infuse traditional course work with instructive technologies like  those listed below.


    Current and Ongoing Technology Integration Initiatives:

    • EdFarm Innovation Fellows
    • Digital Citizenship Awareness
    • iPad Training (iPad Learning Series)
    • myBackpack Training
    • Interactive Board Training
    • Social Media Support
    • Technology & Innovation Competition Support
    • 21st Century Classroom Experience
    • Student Tech Teams
    • Verizon Innovative Learning Schools
    • Personalized Learning