Prancing Fickett Trojans


    Prancing Fickett Trojans Dance Team is committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way. We believe each dancer has the ability to increase his/her physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through our dance program. We promote strong self confidence, self respect, disipline, and appreciation through fine arts of dance. We inspire every dancer to find the creativity inside herself/himself as "we danceto tell a story" each year.



    Prancing Fickett Trojans would like to exspand our fine arts programs based on our school continued interest in dance, theather, and physical fitness. Our vision is determined through the eyes of our dancers. We plan to take our program as far as our dancers can dream.



    Three (3)  Reccomendations:

    *Homeroom Teacher

    *Specials Teacher ( Art, Music, PE, Music)

    * Administration Team (Grant, Wright, Jackson,Leverette,Varnado,Doby,McCrary)