Richard Nathaniel Fickett Elementary School
    3935 Rux Road

    Atlanta, GA 30331

    Phone: (404)802-7850

    Fax: (404)346-2358 

    Mrs. Benita Grant

    Fickett is special because…


    We continue to provide a high-performing elementary school in an urban environment. Recognizing this, Fickett faculty, parents and corporate partners believe that our programs should be designed to meet the needs of each child.


    • We differentiate our instructional practices to address the needs of all learners. Our students enjoy the 21st Century UPS Technology Labs, Scholar-tutors from the and Georgia Tech.


    • We are a “Hands-On” school. The teachers at Fickett provide weekly hands on activities for our students. The students learn through experience whether it be a weekly science experiment or project based lessons.  


    • Fickett students are exposed to The Model French Program in grades 1 to 5.
    • We are a uniform school. The students dress in the school colors: Royal Blue, White and Gold polo tops.