• eBooks

    There are approximately 2,200 one-to-one* and 600 unlimited simultaneous access** eBooks available for district wide access by all staff and students. District eBooks, as well as those purchased at the school level, are accessible from any computer or web-enabled device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) via the Atlanta Public Schools online public access catalog (OPAC) @ http://aps.tlcdelivers.com

    eBooks can be found alongside print books in the OPAC when searching by subject, key word, author, or title. When a user finds an eBook in the OPAC they select Click here to read this eBook under Electronic Resources. Currently a username and password is not required to access the eBooks.

    *If the eBook is a one-to-one eBook, access is possible for one user at a time

    **If the eBook is an Unlimited Simultaneous Access eBook, then multiple users can access the title concurrently