Atlanta PublicSchools utilizes a variety of strategic communication channels to tellthe APS story, including broadcast media, publications, mediarelations, talking points, special events, Web sites, e-Newsletters andelectronic messaging systems. Below is an abbreviated list of ourcommunication channels:

    APS Web site. You are just a click away from securing the most up-to-date information on your high-performing school district.

    Cable Channel 22
    isAtlanta’s official education station. Available to cable subscribers inthe city of Atlanta, APS Channel 22 broadcasts educational andinformational programs daily, around the clock.

    WPBA isone of the premiere sources for informational, educational and culturalprogramming in the metro Atlanta area. The station airs more than 70hours of award-winning, high-quality educational television programmingeach week.

    WABE 90.1 FM, a charter member of NationalPublic Radio (NPR), is a 24-hour classical music, news and communityaffairs broadcasting service. WABE 90.1 FM broadcasts news, publicaffairs and arts programming to the Atlanta community. On the air since1948, more than 300,000 listeners tune in each week to listen to NPR’sMorning Edition and All Things Considered. WABE also features Betweenthe Lines, Jazz Classics, Market Place, Youth Radio, Boombox Classroomand Focus on Education, developed to provide educational resources andinformation to parents of school age children.

    APS Today.Learn about all the success happening in Atlanta Public Schools! Eachmonth on APS Today, meet students, educators, business partners andparents who are dedicated to increasing student achievement andpreparation for higher education, future careers and civicparticipation. Watch APS Today the second Monday of every month at 9:30pm on PBA TV Channel 30.

    Talk Up APS - is the district’selectronic newsletter that highlights news about Atlanta PublicSchools. To view the current edition, visit the Atlanta Public SchoolsWeb site at www.atlanta.k12.ga.us. To receive the newsletter inyour inbox each week, forward your e-mail address totalkupapsnews@atlantapublicschools.us.

    Family Matters -is the Atlanta Public Schools newsletter designed to keep parents,guardians and members of the community posted on district news, issuesimpacting the lives of students and best practices in parentalinvolvement. Produced five times a year, this publication is mailed toAPS parents, and copies also can be found in the parent center at localschools.

    Fireside Chats - AtlantaPublic Schools believes that the entire community plays a role inenriching the lives of young people. For this reason, SuperintendentDr. Beverly L. Hall hosts Community Fireside Chats throughout thedistrict at least five times a year. During these events, members ofthe community are updated on the district’s progress and given theopportunity to provide the leadership team with feedback. Contact yourschool principal for additional information.