Dbhutson Miles Intermediate Parent Liaison                       
    Ms. Danyale Barrow-Hutson
    Ofifice Phone: (404) 802-8919
    Main Office: (404) 802-8900 
    Available Mon.- Friday 7:30a.m.-3:30p.m.    
    Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
    ***Extended Hours available upon request and for workshops, training, and events
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    The Parent Community Involvement Liaison serves as a connection between the home and the school, in order to provide high levels of student achievement and to promote and increase parental involvement:
    • Develops a calendar of activities for parents
    • Coordinates and implements parent involvement programs
    • Plans and coordinates monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly parent workshops
    • Informs parents of all student-related activities
    • Organizes and maintains Miles Parent Center
    • Shares important school-related issues with parents
    • Assists Miles with securing important school documents from parents
    • Encourages parents to become more involved with activities at Miles Intermediate 
                Miles Intermediate       
                 Parent Center              
                     Room # 127            
    Miles Parent Center  
    Welcome to the Parent Center!!!
       The center has a conference room table setting, round tables for group activities, computers with printing capabilities, and plenty of resource information on grade level curriculum and community critical needs.  
       The Parent Center has the following information for parents: 
    -Math Dictionary  
    -Literacy tools and tips
    -Grade Level Curriculum Study Guides 
    -School & District Policy Plans
    - Job Postings
    - At-Home Job Postings 
       -211 Critical Needs Listings
    -Special Needs IEP Guides & Information
    -Spanish Translations of Documents & Information  

    Miles Intermediate's Parent Resource Center is designed to inform parents and volunteers of where you can find helpful information to ensure your child’s learning experience is successful. Title I requires that parents are invited to participate in the planning process of the Title I 1% budget and is used toward parental involvement.  Additionally, attend district-wide and Title I workshops, seminars, and annual school events/activities will help parents/guardians achieve the goals of student success.



     The Title I Parent Resource Center would like to thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education.  We believe that partnering with parents and the community is essential to the over-all success of the student.  The student is our number one priority and with parents and the community, we can pro-actively work together to nurture an environment that is rigorous, encouraging, inspirational, and empowering.


      Useful Documents for Parents: