Mr. Scott



    John S. Scott is the son of John and Vernice Scott and brother to Summer Scott. He was born long ago in Germany. As a child of a military family, he was afforded the luxury of traveling all over the world at an early age; his favorite place is California.  As a teenager, he had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and or Professional Skateboarder. Yes...seriously. After having a come to Jesus meeting with my Father I chose to attend North Carolina Central University to major in Biology with the goal of one day becoming a dentist. Quickly realizing I didn't enjoy studying Biology (#hated it) I turned my attention to enjoying Fraternity life where I was able to make Dean List. After graduation, I began to substitute teaching at Fayetteville St. Elementary in Durham, NC where I quickly found my passion. The first time a student called me Mr. Scott I was hooked. From subbing to being a paraprofessional then the In-school suspension coordinator I was encouraged by Katherine Kinney to go back to school to work on my Masters in Special Education-Behavioral Disorders. Funny story.....when I called my parents to tell them about me going back to school....they didn't believe me. Becoming Teacher of the Year is something that I never thought was possible because prior to moving to Georgia.....North Carolina did not allow Special Education teachers to be nominated. In closing I would like to thank the administration and staff here at LP Miles we are truly a family. I would like to extend a special thanks to Ms. Allen, Mr. Tolbert, and Ms. Bostic for helping me keep it together. And to the wonderful students of LP Miles "Don't Be Afraid to Be great....because you all have the potential."