Get Involved — Be Part of Price Middle School Go Team!

  • It is an exciting time to be part of Price Middle School with so many opportunities to get involved in your child's school. One way is to serve on our school’s GO Team next year! 

    About GO Team

    The School Governance Board or “GO Team” is a school-level council with the power to make certain kinds of decisions for their school, including researching and drafting a Strategic Plan for the school, creating priorities for, reviewing and approving the school budget for the upcoming school Financial Year, and providing input on school and district ideas. Each school GO Team has specific duties and responsibilities, as well as intended benefits, as defined and designated by APS, and each GO Team member must attend both online and in-person GO Team training. 

    Each GO Team has the following membership structure:

    (a) Two (2) parents/legal guardians elected by the parents/legal guardians of the school;

    (b) Two (2) non-supervisory instructional staff elected by the full-time employees of the school;

    (c) Two (2) community members nominated by the principal and approved by the voting GO Team members.



    What does the GO Team do?

    Each APS school's GO Team has the authority to fulfill the following responsibilities:

    (a) Approve the school strategic plan and updates and monitor its implementation;

    (b) Develop innovative ideas for school-level flexibility through the School-Based Solutions process;

    (c) Provide input into school-based curriculum selection and accompanying instructional materials;

    (d) Give feedback on and approve the annual school budget recommendations;

    (e) Make suggestions regarding school operations decisions that support the school strategic plan;

    (f) Participate in the selection of a new principal, in the case of a vacancy; and

    (g) Offer annual feedback on principal performance to the Associate Superintendent. 

    The GO Team is also responsible for the following duties:

    (a) Communicate GO Team work to stakeholders, including students, parents, community members, faculty, and staff;

    (b) Participate in an annual assessment of the GO Team’s performance and results;

    (c) Meet a minimum of six times each fiscal/school year (July 1 - June 30; and (d) Abide by state Open Meetings and Open Records laws.


    How do I run for a GO Team seat?

    If you’re interested in learning more about Price Middle School’s GO Team, please reach out to:

    Ms. Phillips

    Elections typically happen in March for the following school year, so still plenty of time to learn more about this exciting opportunity!


    Go Teams

     For information about GO Teams and GO Team resources, please visit the District GO Team website.