• The Legacy Fund

    The 2019-2020 school year is the first year that Hollis is operating as a fully grown Pre-K through 8th grade school, so the Class of 2020 is the first 8th grade class in the school’s history! Upon completion of their high school education, these students will be Washington High School’s 100th class in 2024. Several events are planned to celebrate this "Legacy Class," and as part of the Innovate! campaign, the school is seeking the support of community partners to help ensure that we provide memorable, enriching, and meaningful experiences for these students.

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  • Meet our Legacy Class
  • 8th grade student

    "I love the community meetings and the events that we have at Hollis. I also love the opportunities and the people you meet, like the ones at Mercedes-Benz USA and Chick-fil-A."

    Arthur's dream career is in Robotics and Aerospace Engineering because he is "fascinated with interesting facts and robots."

    He relates most to the Hollis Habit of Creativity because "everyone has a creative side that you just have to bring out."

  • 8th grade student

    "I love community meetings at Hollis."

    Demi's dream career is a writer or a public speaker.

    The Hollis Habit of Creativity is her strongest and the one in which she feels most confident.


  • 8th grade student

    "What I love most about Hollis is that it gives you chances to try things you are uncomfortable with. Also, it has STEM, so I can practice tech and coding to reach my dream."

    The Hollis Habit of Creativity holds the most signifance to Mason because "being creative, you can design so many different things, and I always like to create new things and creativity inpires me to create the impossible."

    Mason's dream career is a technologist, "so I can work with computers, codes, and tech. I've always had a thing for technology and how you make it."


  • 2019-2010 Legacy Class Tribute