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    Equity Audits


    APS Pedagogies & Curriculum Equity Audit Findings (2021)

    Atlanta Public Schools (APS) in collaboration with The Leadership Academy conducted an equity audit, outlining the current state of equity within the district.

    The equity audit would first collect broad input on the current state of equity within APS in order to engage stakeholders in collaborative action planning and shared development of metrics for tracking process.

    Upon receipt of this report, the Atlanta Public Schools equity committee will use this data to continue building the collaborative action plan.

    To begin our work together, Dr. Tauheedah Baker-Jones, Chief Equity and Social Justice Officer served as chair of a cross-functional team of internal stakeholders that helped to inform the audit process.

    Also, throughout the process, various other internal and external stakeholders were consulted to assess the current state of Atlanta Public Schools and work collaboratively on the equity audit and action planning, including:

    • Equity and Social Justice Division
    • Performance Division
    • Academics Division
    • Schools Division
    • Atlanta Board of Education
    • Senior District Leaders
    • School Leaders
    • Teachers
    • Students
    • Parent Representatives
    • Superintendent’s Community Advisory Task Force

    Please CLICK HERE to review the audit findings.