• At William M. Boyd Elementary School, we believe that a student’s zip code does not determine the trajectory of their lives. Boyd is a Title I school in the Atlanta Public School District, located in the lower West Midtown area of Atlanta.


    We are fully dedicated to ensuring that every student attending Boyd receives a world-class education. On and off our campus, we serve the whole child and prepare our students to meet the challenges of the future. To ensure that we keep this promise, we need additional funds and support. Together, we are ensuring Boyd Elementary is a place where teaching and learning is the focus of the school, as well as high engagement with Fine Arts.


    Academically, we are focused on developing a structured, research-based instructional program aimed at improving student achievement in all core content areas. A large emphasis is placed on implementing best practices in literacy and math for all students while providing rich fine arts experiences. In addition, we are highlighting our students’ talents in the areas of art, music, and dance.


    We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration and support of the students and staff of William M. Boyd Elementary. Boyd Elementary would not be able to thrive without people like you! Again, many thanks!  Please see our donation wish list below:


    Donation Wish List




    Short-sleeved polo-style shirts

    YS, YM, YL

    Green, Yellow, White

    Long sleeved polo-style shirts

    YS, YM, YL

    Green, Yellow, White



    6, 8, 10/12, 14/16

    Navy, Black, Khaki


    S, M, L

    Brown, black


    4, 5, 6



    Kid sizes

    White, navy, black

    Jackets / Coats

    YS, YM, YL



    Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, spray deodorant, lotion