July 21, 2017


    Deerwood Family, 


    GREETINGS!  It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Deerwood Academy for the 2017 - 2018 academic year.  As summer break nears a close, we have been busy planning and working to ensure an exciting school opening on:

    TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2017.

    It is a privilege to be afforded the opportunity to return to Deerwood Academy for my fourth year serving as your Principal/Head of School.  Additionally, it is an honor to work with our brilliant scholars, supportive parents, devoted GO Team, great PTA, and highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff for the 2018 academic year! 

    Together, we will DREAM BIG to accomplish Deerwood Academy’s mission of being a school where All stakeholders work collaboratively to provide authentic learning experiences that nurture and empower college and career ready global thinkers and problem solvers.

    As we DREAM BIG for our scholars, we are excited about the myriad of opportunities we will have to collaborate with ALL stakeholders to make certain we have a successful academic year that positively impacts our scholars’ academic, social, and emotional, development.

    In preparation for your scholar’s arrival, our environmental services personnel have prepared our facilities and classrooms.  In order to provide authentic learning experiences for the scholars in their care, our faculty and staff members have attended professional learning, assessed student data, and edited transdisciplinary units to be even more relevant and engaging for an exciting 2018 academic year.

    You are invited to join us on the third Tuesday of each month from 5:30 to 6:30 pm for our monthly PARENT ACADEMY.  Please come out to celebrate our IB Ambassadors, review a demonstration of learning, collaborate with teachers, learn what it means to be an IB – PYP Parent, and so much more!

    We look forward to working with you to ensure your scholar’s academic, social, and emotional needs are met for the 2018 academic year.



    Educationally Yours,  

    Camisha L. Perry 

    Camisha L. Perry, Ed.S.

    Principal / Head of School