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    The Department of Athletics mission is to give students quality opportunities to participate in activities that enhance their physical, academic and social growth. APS offers the following sports for students enrolled in middle and high schools. Offerings may vary depending on student interest. For more information call 404-802-5575.
    As a member of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), APS students must meet the following requirements to participate in athletic programs:
    *Sixth-graders are now eligible to participate in middle school athletics (except APS Football) under the following State of Georgia policy:
    Georgia Competitive Interscholastic Activities Policy  

    Sports Offerings & Important Information:
    APS offers the following sports for students enrolled in middle and high schools. Offerings may vary depending on student interest. 
    High School
    Cross Country 
    Girls Flag Football
    Track and Field

    Middle School
    Track and Field
    Girls Flag Football
    Requirements & Information:
    If a student is injured or becomes ill at school, every effort will be made to contact the parent and to take action at the parent’s direction. If a parent cannot be contacted, school officials will take reasonable actions to preserve the health of the child. Parents must notify the school if their child has health problems that could result in a health emergency and should explain the procedures the school should follow. 
    Academic Requirement:
    Students must be on track for graduation.

    Middle school students cannot have reached their 14th birthday before May 1st. High school students cannot have reached 19th birthday prior to May 1 preceding year of participation.

    Code of Ethics:
    The GHSA recognizes its responsibility to ensure honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy in record keeping and reporting. Therefore, the professional personnel of the member schools are charged with upholding the Code of Ethics adopted by the Professional Standards Commission as accepted and approved by the State Board of Education.

    Insurance verification:
    Students who participate in an APS athletic program must have insurance and show proof of a current insurance policy. Insurance is required for conditioning, try-outs, volunteer workouts, and in season participation. If a student does not have insurance, the district offers activity insurance that may be purchased at the school.

    Media release:
    This gives the district the right to photograph athletic activities for promotional purposes. APS offers a variety of sports for students enrolled in middle and high schools. Offerings may vary depending on student interest. The middle school athletic program is for students in the seventh and eighth grade.

    Residence in school service area:
    Students establishing eligibility as ninth-graders can participate in sports during the first semester. Transferring high school students are subject to GHSA rules.

    Parent permission:
    Each student must have permission from a parent or guardian.

    Physical examination:
    Students must have an annual physical examination by a board-certified medical doctor. It must be recorded on the APS Permission to Participate and Physical Examination form.

    A student will be INELIGIBLE for participation if the student:
    1. Did not attend school last semester.
    2. Did not pass five (5) subjects, or the equivalent, toward graduation, the previous semester.
    3. Has not attained required number of accumulated Carnegie Units for years in school.
    4. Has been in high school more than four consecutive years after his or her first entry into the ninth grade.
    5. Has attained his or her 19th birthday prior to May 1st proceeding the year of participation.
    6. Have not completed a physical examination during the past 12 months.
    7. Is a professional athlete in the sport he or she wishes to participate.
    8. Is currently in in-school suspension, in alternative school for disciplinary reasons, or has been expelled by the previous school.
    9. Transfers and does not make a bona fide move in the school zone.

    Sports Offered:

    High School: Football; Cross Country; Volleyball; Softball; Flag Football; Cheerleading; Basketball; Baseball; Track and Field; Tennis, Golf; Riflery; Soccer; Swimming and Wrestling.

    Middle School: Football; Basketball; Cheerleading; Track and Field; Soccer, Girls Flag Football and Softball. 

    For additional information on the Department of Athletics:
    Please call 404-802-5575
Last Modified on September 16, 2021