Jackson High Celebrates Climbing Climate Score

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Jackson’s climate score has recently increased from a 78.0 with three stars to an 85.1 with four stars! The boost is said to be the result of significant changes made by administration. They implemented the nationwide anti-bullying initiative called No Place for Hate, encouraged school spirit and a winning and supportive culture by adding more sports and extracurricular clubs and activities. The school also focused on social emotional learning by incorporating additional counseling and social support through various partnerships.

Principal Stephanie Johnson says that school spirit and morale among students and staff have been positively impacted because everyone is consistently reminded that they are valued. The positivity has even reached outside the school walls.

“The desire to be part of the Maynard Jackson family is evidenced by our student waiting list for administrative transfers, and the number of unsolicited resumes for teaching positions we receive on an ongoing basis,” Principal Johnson said.

For their progress and achievement, students have been acknowledged through monthly celebrations that include grade level competitions, food, dancing, karaoke, and games. The most improved students were also rewarded with partner provided gifts like laptops, phones, and gift cards. Teachers are also celebrated monthly.

The School Climate Star Rating is a diagnostic tool to determine if a school is on the right path to school improvement. The school climate score is based on school discipline data, attendance data, and teacher, parent and student surveys. Research has found that schools with positive climates tend to have better test scores and graduation rates, whereas schools with adverse climates due to unsafe or hostile environments tend to have lower academic performance.