Alvin Ailey Comes to Hollis

In honor of Black History Month, students at Hollis Innovation Academy were treated to an interactive workshop conducted by former Alvin Ailey Company Dancer and Director of Ailey Extension, Lisa Johnson-Willingham.

Within the one-hour session, students learned - and eloquently performed - two dance routines from Alvin Ailey's "Revelations," which greatly impressed everyone in attendance, including Councilman Ivory Young, Jr. and Atlanta Public School Board member, Byron Amos.

"Dance is an expression through movement. You are telling your story," said Johnson-Willingham to students as she taught dance moves. Students also learned about Alvin Ailey, his accomplishments, and the importance of dance in Black history.

Azalea City Chapter (GA) of The Links, Incorporated sponsored the “Ailey at Hollis" experience featuring Lisa Johnson-Willingham from Ailey Extension.