6th Grade Students Receive $400 Grant

Hollis Innovation Academy Chief Science Officers Two 6th grade students, Amariyahu and Jenaya, received a $400 grant after competing in the SPARK competition sponsored by United Way of Greater Atlanta.

The prize is a small grant to support students who are taking leadership in their schools and communities to improve access to and engagement in STEM. Hollis Innovation Academy Chief Science Officers (CSOs) presented a 3-minute pitch before a panel of judges to explain how they plan to enrich the STEM culture at the school and increase the participation of youth in STEM activities.

Chief Science Officers are peer elected middle school and high school students who elevate the student voice by bringing their peers and community leaders together to ignite new opportunities in STEM and innovation. The Georgia Chief Science Officer program create change makers and leaders through leadership coaching, networking and collective action.

Amariyahu and Jenaya are in the process of preparing an action plan to prepare 2nd grade students for competitive robotics when they enter 3rd grade.

To learn more about the GA CSO program or become a leadership coach please visit https://scienceatl.org/cso/ or contact Eric Knapp, Program Director at eric@atlantasciencefestival.org.

 Hollis Innovation Academy Chief Science Officers