Better World Day

With the help of several corporate partners, the Hollis community celebrated Better World Day on Friday, May 3, along with thousands of EL Education students and teachers.

Students on every grade level participated through various acts of service to the community.


Better World Day 2019 at Hollis Innovation Academy Students in pre-k and kindergarten all enjoyed the company of 5th grade students. Some of the older students worked with pre-k students to create "thank you" cards for firefighters on the Westside of Atlanta, while the others helped kindergarten students draw and color portraits of themselves as police officers. These works of art will later be framed and donated to the Westside police officers.

Students in 1st grade worked with our partners from Peachtree Road United Methodist Church to create acrostic poems on pennant flags, thanking veterans for their service. Volunteers from Peachree Road United Methodist Church also worked with 2nd grade students to make biodegradable planters to grow one healthy vegetable or fruit, while learning the importance of avoiding processed food by growing your own.

Volunteers from NCR assisted 3rd grade students in creating and designing “flower cards," spread messages of faith, hope, and love for children in the Hughes Spaulding Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. Students in 4th grade also worked with volunteers from NCR to paint river rocks with messages of hope to be donated to The Susan G. Komen Center of Greater Atlanta Area for cancer patients.

Volunteers from Chick-fil-A worked alongside 6th grade students to logistically plan the collection of water bottles for three weeks, hosting a water collection contest across all grade levels. They will keep track of the data using bar graphs displayed in the data areas of the school.

Students in 7th grade worked with volunteers from Mercedes-Benz USA to create care packages for City of Refuge.