Mercedes-Benz USA Makes Huge Contributions to Hollis

Mercedes-Benz USA delivers Literacy Bags to Hollis Innovation Academy students Mercedes-Benz USA demonstrated their commitment to promoting literacy by delivering "Literacy Bags" to Hollis students, then by contributing $10,000 to literacy initiatives, including the school's big "Camp Read-A-Lot" Kickoff held on November 13.

The bag--delivered in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van--contained books, pencils, crayons, markers, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, and many other items to encourage excitement about literacy among students. MBUSA employees also included personal, handwritten letters to students, encouraging them to continue doing their best in order to succeed.

To further garner excitement among students, families, and the school community, Hollis hosted a Family Literacy Night around a camping theme in November. The event kicked off the school's big literacy push, "Camp Read-A-Lot," during which families were invited to participate in literacy activities and to learn strategies for enhancing students' literacy skills at home.

Teachers were given creative liberty to create immersive camping themes throughout the building, which was all made possible by the generous $10,000 contribution from Mercedes-Benz USA.

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Mercedes-Benz USA gives $10,000 to Hollis Innovation Academy