Teacher Bio

     Presently I am a special education teacher  for the Atlanta Public Schools for a total  of 18 years. I previously worked  in Florida at The University of Miami as a research associate in the  School of Medicine special education department. I  was  also assigned as an instructional  coach  and  special education coordinator for the Palm Beach County School District.

    I have extensive training in education and is certified in both regular and special education. I am a Reading Specialist and  is also a certified  educational leader. I had the privilege of  working from Pre-K to grade 12 in regular education and  K-8 grade in special education.

    I am an advocate for students. I truly believe that all children can learn once teacher are relentless and have high expectations for their students.

    Parental involvement is a strong component in the success of a child. Therefore, I am anxiously looking forward to working with parents in enabling positive results for all their students.

    S.L. Mair.


     Top Five Strengths: Ideation, Input, Learner, Focus, Achiever