• Burgess-Peterson Academy (BPA) is located in East Atlanta and has the capacity to serve up to 600 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grades. BPA serves the East Atlanta community, and is one of the top-performing elementary schools within the Atlanta Public Schools system. BPA has CRCT scores that have exceeded state standards and has met Adequate Yearly Progress each year for the past six years. In addition to the excellent core curriculum with an enhanced Math and Science focus, BPA offers many supplemental programs and amenities to enrich the students’ educational experience:

    • Our Organic Gardening Program is integrated throughout the curriculum;
    • Building upon our gardening efforts, BPA also participates in the Farm to School Program through Georgia Organics, teaching children how to make healthy food choices;
    • Our participation in the “Be Water Wise” Program brings a focus on conservation and environmentalism to the school;
    • With the recent participation of the Confucius Institute, BPA now offers  Spanish.
    • And recognizing that an active body is important for an active mind, we have recess - every day!

    We encourage you to visit our school, not only to meet our outstanding principal and her staff, but also to see all that our facility has to offer. Extensively renovated and expanded less than ten years ago, Burgess-Peterson’s campus offers many rare and valuable features:

    • State of the art computer lab;
    • A dedicated science lab (one of the few elementary schools in the system with such a facility), a dedicated art room (with kiln!), and a dedicated music/orchestra room;
    • Secure courtyard. This large internal yard is open to the fresh air, but completely encircled by the building, and is home to our playground, as well as picnic tables and garden beds;
    • Outdoor classroom (supporting the gardening portion of the curriculum).

    Our community is focused on ensuring that students have a diverse, rigorous and nurturing educational experience throughout their formative years. The school day runs from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and is augmented by very affordable aftercare programs that broaden student experiences with activities like dance and karate, to name a few. As the neighborhood school in a still-growing community, BPA offers excellent student : teacher ratios. Our teachers receive constant supplemental training in practices and technology, and they are the beneficiaries of numerous grants from external sponsors and the local community.

    We are excited that you are interested in joining us here at Burgess-Peterson Academy. We encourage you to call or e-mail us to set up a tour of our school or to meet with Principal Robbins or some of our great parents. Welcome to BPA!