• Would you like to access books online?
     Currently the APS district eBook shelf houses approximately 2,200 one-to-one* eBooks from Follett, as well as approximately 2,000 unlimited simultaneous access** eBooks from a variety of publishers including:
    • Capstone
    • Enslow
    • Mason Crest
    • ABDO
    • Lerner
    • Facts On File
    • Rourke
    • Cavendish
    • Cherry Lake
    • Bearport
    • Amicus
    • Britannica
    E-Discover the Classics have also been added to the district eBook shelf. E-Discover the Classic includes nearly 500 classics from Project Gutenberg. The titles Include the most popular downloaded Project Gutenberg eBooks such as Pride and Prejudice, The Time Machine, A Christmas Carol, Jane Eyre and many more. The district eBook shelf also houses almost 1,000 titles from TumbleBookCloud and TumbleBookLibraryand over 200 National Geographic Kids eBooks. 
    APS eBooks are available on the district eBook Shelf to all APS staff and students at school and at home. District eBooks, as well as eBooks purchased at the school level, are accessible from any computer (desktop/laptop) or web-enabled device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) via the Atlanta Public Schools online public access catalog (OPAC) @ http://aps.tlcdelivers.com .  District and school eBooks can be found alongside print books in each local school catalog when searching by subject, key word, author, or title. Furthermore, the district eBook shelf can now be accessed directly @ http://aps.tlcdelivers.com:8080/kids?config=ebook#/categories
    While at school a username/password is not required to access eBooks. When a user finds an eBook in the school catalog or on the the district eBook shelf just click the orange More Options button  MORE OPTIONS or the blue Downloadable link and the eBook should open in the browser automatically. Outside of school a school specific username/password may be required.  Please speak to your media specialist to obtain the username/password for your school.
    *If the eBook is a one-to-one eBook, access is possible for one user at a time
    **If the eBook is an Unlimited Simultaneous Access eBook, then multiple users can access the title concurrently