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    Danny Brown    

    Vickie King   vking@atlanta.k12.ga.us Staff Member
    Anthony Nash     Community Member
    Wakeeta Rosser   wakeeta.rosser@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Chairperson 
    Alonzo Taylor    albtaylor@atlanta.k12.ga.us Vice-Chairperson
    LaNikah Ware   lware@atlanta.k12.ga.us Secretary
    Tiffany Wheeler   tjwheeler@atlanta.k12.ga.us Cluster Representative
    Tiffany Woods     Parent



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    Public Comment


    Nov. 7   

    Media Center

    5 PM



    Dec. 5

    Media Center

    5 PM



    Jan. 9

    Media Center

    5 PM














    Public Comment Format

    All speakers must sign in using the GO Team Form between 2:30-4:45 PM, as the meeting will begin promptly at 5:00 PM.  The form must be filled out completely to include an agenda item and/or topic.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.  A maximum of 10 people will be given two minutes to express their concern.  Ms. King will serve as the time keeper.  Public comment will occur at the end of the meeting.  GO Team will not respond to the concerns. Ms. Ware will record the comments and post them online in a FAQ format.  If a vote is needed, the team will discuss ways to get public feedback prior to the vote.


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