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    Woodson Park Academy GO Team Members




     Email Address


     Telecia Mangham

     2  telecia.mangham@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Cluster representative
     Victoria Hull     2     victoria.hull@atlanta.k12.ga.us  
    Carmen Williams     2  carwilliams@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Chairperson
    Amy Scarborough  2  amy.scarborough@atlanta.k12.ga.us   Secretary
    Charlene Chilton  3  cchilton@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Vice Chairperson
    Susan CrimMcClendon  3  smmclendon@atlanta.k12.ga.us  Principal
    Tannaqill Rogers-Cooke  3  tarogers@atlanta.k12.ga.us      
     Steven Kamerschen  2



     Belise Michel  3  belisem@ymcaatlanta.org  Community


    Meeting Schedule 




    Public Comment


    November 29th

     Media Center 

     3:30 pm 



    December 6th

     Media Center

     3:30 pm  



    January 24th  

     Media Center

     4:00 pm



    February 2nd 

     Media Center

     3:00 pm



    February 14th (Meeting has been cancelled)   Media Center  3:00 pm  Yes  

    March 14th

     Media Center

     3:30 pm



    March 29th  Main Office Conference Room  3:30 pm  No  Agenda
     April 11th (Meeting has been cancelled)  Media Center  3:30 pm  Yes  
     May 9th  Media Center  3:30 pm  No  Agenda



    Woodson Park's Public Comment Format 


    Stakeholders wishing to make comment should sign in prior to the beginning of the meeting.

    Stakeholders will each have 2 minutes to comment.

     Public comment period is 20 minutes.



    Meeting Minutes


    Draft Minutes or Meeting Summaries

    Approved Minutes

     GO Team Minutes 11/29/16

     Approved 11/29/16 Minutes
     GO Team Minutes 12/6/16  Approved 12/6/16 Minutes
     GO Team Minutes 1/24/17  Approved 1/24/17 Minutes
     GO Team Minutes 2/2/17  Approved 2/2/17 Minutes
     GO Team Minutes 3/14/17  Approved 3/14/17 Minutes
     GO Team Minutes 3/29/17  Approved 3/29/17 Minutes
     GO Team Minutes 5/9/17  Approved 5/9/17 Minutes

    FY18 Budget Presentation 


    Confirmation Meeting Nov 16th 


    For information about GO Teams and GO Team resources, please visit the District GO Team website by clicking on the picture below.

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