• Our sponsors and partners are committed to enriching our educational programs and supporting our students while giving them a better chance for a bright future.
    Thomasville Heights Elementary School is sincerely grateful to:


     Wal-Mart Supermarkets – Howell Mill Store

     (POC  Ms. Jowanna Bumpers)


    Hands On Atlanta Discovery Program    
         Hands On Atlanta - Discovery Program 

         (POC  Ms. Laura Cleare)



    Fulton County District Attorney Office

       Partnership for Perfect Attendance
       (POC Fulton County District Attorney’s Office)

    Fulton County LibraryFulton County Library - Thomasville Branch

    (POC Mrs. Belinda Yellock)



    Target Stores – Atlantic Station (POC Mrs. Donna Salter)
    Morehouse School of Medicine
             Morehouse School of Medicine
             (POC Prof. Dr. Daniel Blumenthal)

    Again, many thanks for your generosity on behalf of our students, teachers, administrators, and staff!
    Also, our school is always searching for multiple ways of reaching the community while enhancing our students’ educational experiences. We are always happy for new partnerships.  
    If your organization would like to support our students by becoming a business/community partner, please contact our Community Partners Coordinator.
      Thank you!   Thank you from our children