General Information:

    The goals of the Parent – Teacher Association (PTA) are to promote the welfare of young people in home, school, church, and community.
    We strive to bring into closer relation home and school, so parents and teachers might cooperate in the education of our young people, and to develop between educators and the general public united efforts that will secure the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. Parents can help make school a successful experience for their children:

        · Start each school day well; a calm beginning at home makes the school day much better.
        · Make sure your child obtains at least eight hours of sleep and instruct your child to eat 
        · Praise your child every day for something he or she has done; display schoolwork and projects.
        · Set the tone for a good experience by helping him/her to have a good attitude towards learning.
        · Remember that attitudes formed now will affect the remainder of your child’s schooling.
        · Listen attentively to your child as he/she talks about school experiences.
        · Keep the communication lines open between your child’s teachers and you.
        · Try not to compare your son/daughter’s progress with other siblings.
        · See to it that your child attends school regularly.
        · Provide a literate environment at home, which is full of a variety of books and other materials.
        · Instill in your son/daughter confidence in himself/herself, the school, and his or her teachers.
        · Show an interest in school through visitation and participation in PTA meetings, carnivals,
          open-house events, and other activities.