• Community & CREW
  • CREW

    Hollis Innovation Academy CREW Hollis engages in CREW, a structure and process that provides support for students socially, emotionally, and academically. CREW helps each student know one adult well and build positive connections with their peers and their CREW leader.

    CREW is a daily structure that occurs four times a week for 30 minutes every Monday through Thursday. Friday CREW time is dedicated to House Meetings. CREW members build relationships with each other and with other crews through physical initiatives that foster understanding, teamwork, and trust.

  • Community Meetings

    Hollis Innovation Academy Community Meetings Despite the formal name, Community Meetings at Hollis are energetic, celebratory gatherings designed to promote a sense of community among staff, students, and parents. Students who participate in performing arts enjoy a community-wide platform, birthdays are celebrated, and academic and athletic accomplishments are recognized.

    Students are recognized for their academic achievement, school attendance, and for displays of exemplary character, specifically the Six Habits of Hollis: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Empathy, Perseverance, and Self-Discipline. Those recognized for most notably demonstrating the Hollis Habits are known as Hollis Heroes, and they are rewarded with a t-shirt reflecting the corresponding habit, a Hollis Heroes Luncheon with their families (sponsored by our partner, Chick-fil-A®), and a Hollis Heroes Field Trip to a local attraction related to the habit (sponsored by our partner, Peachtree Road United Methodist Church).

    During the 2019-2020 school year, Lower School students (Pre-K through 4th grade) began a tradition during their Community Meetings known as a "Shirting Ceremony," during which students are formally welcomed into their new "houses."

    Read below for more information on our Houses.

  • House Systems
    As Hollis is deeply committed to increasing students' self-efficacy, which is greatly enhanced by a sense of belonging, the school's community is strongly rooted in two House Systems: one for Lower School and one for Upper School.


Hollis Innovation Academy Lower School Red House
Hollis Innovation Academy Lower School Yellow House
Hollis Innovation Academy Lower School Green House
  • Hollis Innovation Academy Shirting Ceremony Lower School students (Pre-K through 4th grade) belong to one of three houses--Red, Yellow, or Green--depending on their grade level. During the "Shirting Ceremony" towards the beginning of the schol year, new students and returning students who are "moving" to a new house are all tasked with reciting the School Creed, the Six Habits of Hollis, and their House Chant while holding their new House shirts. Following these rituals, students don their new House shirts!

RCA House System at Hollis Innovation Academy

  • Hollis Innovation Academy RCA House Selection For the 2019-2020 school year, Hollis became an offical RCA Partner School and adopted the Ron Clark Academy House System for Upper School students (5th- 8th grade). During their first Community Meeting of the school year, every student spins the wheel and is randomly placed in a House. Unlike the Lower School Houses, which are assigned based on grade level, students will forever be a part of these Houses, even after they leave Hollis.

    Each House has its own color, symbols, crest, meaning, history, and chant. This House System fosters a culture of belonging, a sense of community, character building, and healthy competition among students, faculty, and staff.

    RCA House System Meanings Hollis Innovation Academy RCA House Selection

  • 2019-2020 House Leaders
    Hollis Innovation Academy 2019-2020 House Leaders