• Student Well-being

    Student Well-Being: Investments & Supports

    When APS students return to school this fall, they will have access to a variety of Whole Child resources that will serve to identify challenges, support physical and mental health, and strengthen their social and emotional well-being. Determining and responding to the evolving needs of students are essential steps towards encouraging wellness across the district. To assist with this effort, Atlanta Public Schools is employing the following initiatives in schools:

    • COVID-19 surveillance testing
    • Contracted nursing services
    • Universal screener for Behavioral and Mental Health 
    • Employee training for Trauma-Informed Care/Practices
    • Telehealth services for Physical Health and Mental Health concerns
    • Community Mental Health Wraparound Providers assigned to each school 
    • Additional Psychologists and contracted psychological services
    • Skills-based counseling groups
    • 1 or more Social Workers assigned to each school