• Fundraising Plan

  • We have 3 main sources of fundraising planned:


    1. Foundations & Grants: We believe this will be our main funding source for the playground. There are many wonderful foundations in and around Atlanta that support initiatives like ours. We have a team of hard-working volunteers who regularly submit grant proposals, but we would always love more support from interested parents! Contact us here if you are interested in helping.


    2. Business Donations: We are very proud to be the local elementary school for Midtown Atlanta and are hoping that businesses in the area will donate to our cause. This playground will benefit Midtown's youngest residents, as well as the community at large. We also plan to ask parents to reach out to their employers (regardless of location) asking for support for this great cause. 


    3. Parent & Community Donations: We are always impressed with the generosity of our VHE parents, as well as our community at large. We are appreciative of any donation. Please consider supporting us today! Donate here