• Updated as of July 2017

     School Moves & Relocations for 2017-2018

    B.E.S.T. (6TH - 12TH) graders will relocate to Coretta Scott King building. The facility will house two single gender academies on CSK campus.


    1190 Northwest Dr., NW 30318


    John Lewis Invictus Academy (6th grade) is the former B.E.S.T. Middle School facility.



    1890 Donald L Hollowell Pkwy, NW 30318


    Harper Archer Middle School will service only
    (7th & 8th) graders at Harper Archer Middle School.



    3399 Collier Dr., NW 30331


    Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary is the former D. H. Stanton Elementary.



    970 Martin St., SE 30315


    Whitefoord Elementary will close as an APS school and transform to an Early Childhood Program but will remain in the Whitefoord Elementary School facility. Students will be redistricted to Toomer Elementary and Burgess-Peterson Academy.




    35 Whitefoord Ave., SE 30317


    Adamsville Primary will close and merge with Miles Intermediate and transform to a Pre-K - 5th school and will relocate to Miles Intermediate facility. Some students will be redistricted to West Manor Elementary.



     4215 Bakers Ferry Rd., SW 30331


    West End Academy will relocate to Crim Open Campus.


    256 Clifton St., SE 30317