• Kindezi at Gideons PRIDE

    PRIDE Today. Next-level success tomorrow.

    Powered By PRIDE

    Kindezi at Gideons is powered by PRIDE. Through a community-wide focus for every scholar, parent, and staff member on pride, respect, integrity, determination, and excellence, our scholars will be empowered for success no matter where or what is next. PRIDE is the basis of expectations for curriculum and instruction, scholars, staff, and parents. PRIDE positions all members of the Kindezi at Gideons community to work together in service of common goals with common expectations.

    1. PRIDE in Curriculum and Instruction:
    • Pride: Teachers and administrators regularly and frequently collaborate to analyze scholar performance data and create action plans that enable every scholar to meet his/her goals.
    • Respect: Curriculum is appropriately challenging, relevant, and tailored to meet each scholar’s specific learning needs.
    • Integrity: All staff honor and faithfully implement the tools, structures, and supports in place to deliver the model with fidelity
    • Determination: Administrators and teachers collaborate frequently to analyze scholar performance data, and create action plans that embrace academic struggle respond to scholars’ academic needs.
    • Excellence: Instruction is characterized by engagement—scholars struggle, make mistakes, and embrace challenge as a way to build habits and skills.
    1. PRIDE in Scholar Culture:
    • Pride: Scholars are supported in conducting themselves with PRIDE inside and outside of school and are celebrated for growth.
    • Respect: All staff members build strong relationships with scholars, and the tone is consistently positive in classrooms, hallways, and other common areas in the school building.
    • Integrity: Scholars demonstrate a sense of ownership of behavioral expectations by holding themselves and each other accountable for meeting them. Scholars build positive, respectful relationships with one another, negotiating conflict constructively and seeking/offering help when needed.
    • Determination: Scholars are recognized for putting forth effort and embrace the challenge of growing to exceed goals.
    • Excellence: Scholars have extensive opportunities to learn in joyful, fun, physically active, and/or fresh new ways. Models of excellence are identified and celebrated.
    1. PRIDE in Staff Culture:
    • Pride: Staff members are solutions-oriented and hold each other to high standards.
    • Respect: Staff members provide positive and adjusting feedback openly, honestly, and empathetically.
    • Integrity: Staff members take ownership for the mission and vision of Kindezi at Gideons and honor agreements and commitments.
    • Determination: Staff members are always seeking ways to make themselves better and serve scholars better. Teachers receive consistent, constructive feedback that meets individualized staff member needs.
    • Excellence: Professional learning equips staff to meet and exceed school goals.
    1. PRIDE in Family and Community Engagement:
    • Pride: All parents engage in and are proud of their scholars and school community.
    • Respect: Staff and families/community members cooperate and listen to one another. School communication and engagement opportunities are responsive and relevant to families and the community.
    • Integrity: Kindezi at Gideons staff will own areas of growth and honor the voices and perspectives of families and community members.
    • Determination: Kindezi at Gideons will partner with families to ensure every scholar and family has what they need to be successful at Kindezi at Gideons and wherever/whatever comes next.
    • Excellence: Kindezi at Gideons will recruit and maintain strong relationships with community partners that leverage the entire village on behalf of our scholars.

    The Kindezi at Gideons Model

    The Kindezi model is characterized by a radical commitment to culture, loving community, socio-emotional skills, social activism, and diversity. Instruction is rigorous, differentiated, and data-driven. Curriculum is relevant, engaging, and high-level. Our model is grounded in academic excellence that is measured and informed by data and reliant on staff, scholar, and community accountability. We strive to challenge our scholars academically while ensuring that our culture is positive, joyous, and celebratory. Our familial environment for learning offers a holistic approach to education that develops a scholar’s character, socio-emotional skills, physical health, creativity, and general happiness. We are committed to creating a school with a strong instructional culture that fosters effective teaching and consistent behavioral expectations.