• Training Unit

    The Atlanta Public Schools Police Training Department is responsible for maintaining a credible safety presence. This department is led by a training officer who works directly under the supervision and direction of management (i.e. sergeant and emergency management compliance officer). As such, the officer implements all appropriate training plans and curricula related to the safety and security of staff, which includes coordinating all training activities in support of sworn and civilian staff, students and other audiences. The training officer also develops schedules and provides online monitoring and virtual classroom professional development opportunities for personnel as it relates to safety, security, law enforcement, and emergency management and crisis response.
    The training unit also assists with ongoing and long-term improvement strategies to ensure personnel meet and exceed training requirements as set forth in policy, contracts, state and federal law. The operation works collaboratively with leadership to proactively assess and identify the necessary training within the department and across the district. This is done to enhance performance and professional growth, increase knowledge in safety and security practices, emergency preparedness and crisis response, and other critical areas that support the department's safe schools strategy. In turn, the training officer maintains the ability to be well-versed in developing training modules and creating learning opportunities to fit the needs of the trainees, which include youth and adults.
    Emergency Management Unit is a full-serviced unit led by an emergency management compliance manager. This unit is responsible for leading a robust and comprehensive homeland security program to improve safety across the Atlanta Public Schools district. In addition, this unit is responsible for developing policies and procedures for emergencies. The emergency management compliance manager provides leadership that supports emergency management and crisis response activities.
    Bike Patrol Unit - The APSPD Bike Patrol Unit is comprised of men and women from across the district providing effective and proactive community policing strategies in and around schools. Bike officers patrol around select schools and sporting events and participate in various activities that support the safety and security of our schools. The APSPD bikers have completed a comprehensive and rigorous Peace Officers Standards Training-certified bicycle course, in which they learned various riding skills such as traversing stairs, maneuvering through obstacles, following fleeing suspects, crowd control, and tactical dismount.
    Security Operations DepartmentThe Office of Safety & Security has designated a team of security specialists who are responsible for implementing proactive strategies to improve the security climate in and around APS properties. This unit is led by a security operations director who is responsible for providing strategic planning and visioning in the area of district security. The security operations director is flanked by other technical security specialists skilled in technical systems, such as intercoms, closed circuit television, access control, and fire and burglar alarm systems. 
    These security professionals utilize a wide variety of technical solutions to protect people, property and assets. Also, this unit ensures that safety systems are maintained and operational at all times. 
    Officers also conduct site assessments on board properties. Evaluators visit school sites and district properties annually and upon request to assess the state of security around each building. Personnel work closely with building leadership to gather data, physically assess the property and recommend improvements to improve building security, and reduce the likelihood of thefts, burglaries and vandalisms on the properties. Upon completion of the assessment, the team will compile the results of the assessment and conduct an out-briefing of the strengths, weaknesses and solutions to the issues.