• Reading Differentiated Foundational Skills; Scholastic Leveled Book Room; Pantherville Library 

    Math:  Eureka Math

    Science: Harcourt Brace, Georgia 

    Social Studies:  Houghton Mifflin, Georgia

    Technology:  Each classroom consists of 6 Think Client computers and a black and white printer.  We also have two Interactive Labs that both hold 30 HP Desktop computers, Color Laser Jet Printer and a Black and White printer.  Grade levels have a specific time during the week where teachers may bring their classes for extended technology integration in all core content areas.

    Physical Education:  All students participate in Physical Education throughout the week.

    Gifted and Talented: Students that have been identified through testing participate in the Gifted and Talented program.

    Early Intervention Program: EIP addresses the needs of students that have been identified by test scores as failing in reading and math.

    Foreign Language:  Our choice of foreign language is Spanish for grades K-5