• Mrs. Lakeelar Lee
    Lakeelar Lee

    Email: Lakeelar.Lee@apsk12.org
    Office: 404-802-8022 
     Parent Center Room 1052

     Parent Center Hours:


    9:00 am - 2:00 pm


    The Parent Liaison serves as a connection between the home school & community, in order to provide high levels of student achievement and to promote and increase parental involvement:

    • Ensure federal compliance with CCES's Parent Involvement Policy and School-Parent Compact

    • Coordinates and implements parent involvement programs, workshops and/or meetings

    • Plans and coordinates monthly Core Subject parent workshops

    • Informs parents of all student-related activities

    • Organizes and maintains CCES Panther Parent Center

    • Shares important school-related issues with parents 

    • Encourages parents to become more engaged and involved here at CCES

    • Develops a calendar of activities for parents


    Stop by the Parent Center today to sign up for a volunteer opportunity!

    Remember to check your child's book bag on Thursdays for their RED communicator folder and return the folder on Fridays!