• "Together We Will  Increase Life Chances"  
    Continental Colony Elementary School is located at 3181 Hogan Road SW in Atlanta, Georgia. Nestled in the historical Greenbriar area, home of the "Prowling Panthers".  The school was built in 1962 under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. John W. Letson.  It has remained a thriving K-5 school in the area.  Due to its history and remote location, the school works in strong collaboration with the local community.  
    We want parents and students to “choose” Continental Colony ES for their route as they travel on an educational journey to middle school and beyond. Throughout the journey, all stakeholders will unite to educate the total child with a curriculum that includes character education, knowledge of healthy eating habits and physical well-being, exploration of career options, and partnerships with parents, community, and local colleges. We will set the standard of excellence.


    ~ Continental Colony Facts ~

    Enrollment:  Continental Colony has an average enrollment of approximately 450 students.
    Class Size:  The average class size is approximately 21 students per class.
    Start/ End Time:  The instructional day begins at 7:45 AM and ends at 2:30 PM
    Professional Staff:  The professional staff at Continental Colony consist of 100% Highly Qualified Teachers.
    ~ Content Area Resources  ~
    Reading:  Differentiated Foundational Skills; Scholasitc Leveled Book Room; Pantherville Library 
    Math:  Eureka Math
    Science: Harcourt Brace, Georgia; 
    Social Studies:  Houghton Mifflin, Georgia
    Technology:  Each classroom consists of 6 Think Client computers and a black and white printer.  We also have two Interactive Labs that both hold 30 HP Desktop computers, Color Laser Jet Printer and a Black and White printer.   Grade levels have a specific time during the week teachers may bring their classes for extended technology integration in all core content areas.

    Physical Education:  All students participate in Physical Education throughout the week.

    Gifted and Talented: Students that have been identified through testing participate in the Gifted and Talented program.

    Early Intervention Program: EIP addresses the needs of students that have been identified by test scores as failing in reading and math.

    Foreign Language:  Our choice of foreign language is Spanish for grades K-5