• Student of the Month 

    The Student of the Month student recognition program was developed to honor students who exhibit the traits of the IB Learner Profile, follow the essential agreements of the school and class, and give their "Beecher Best" everyday.

    Each month one student from each class is chosen to be honored as the Student of the Month. The selection process varies from class to class but the major selection criteria is that the student exhibits the Learner Profile Trait of the Month and serves as a role model for their peers. To find out the exact process used in your child's class please contact your child's teacher.
    Each month the Student of the Month honorees are recognized on the Student of the Month Bulletin Board located in the school's entrance hallway. In addition to their name and picture being featured on the SOTM Board, students are also honored during a Student of the Month Celebration. The celebration is held the 4th Thursday of each month (with the exception of May). Parents are invited to attend the celebration and other family members are welcomed to attend.