The Booker T. Washington High School of Banking, Finance and Investment Small School (BFI) gives BTW High School students an opportunity to learn about and prepare for college careers in business and finance. Emphasis is placed on a college preparatory curriculum that is directly linked to the business world.

    Our school prepares students for careers in business and finance with challenging courses. We focus on broad, transferable skills and stress understanding and demonstration of financial industry elements such as: accounting, financial planning, management, banking, credit, economics, money management, technology, investments, and insurance. In addition to their required courses, BFI students take one or two specialized courses each semester and a college level course in their senior year. Students also participate in job shadowing experiences and paid internships.


    BFI is a part of the National Academy Foundation’s Academy of Finance. This foundation assists in establishing an on-going relationship that involves corporate executives, school personnel, parents and students, and results in paid internships, scholarships, and employment opportunities. Students are provided opportunities to enter into paid internships with local financial service companies during the summer of their senior year, and many offers of part-time employment during the school year are provided.  BFI also has the Institute of Student Achievement (ISA) as its intermediary partner. This organization supports our planning process, curriculum development, leadership development, and overall development of our highly functioning small learning communities.

    Please visit our site often as we strive to keep you updated and informed on student performance, academic programs, and current events.

    Charcia M. Nichols, Ed. D.