• Bulldog Bucks

    Bulldog Bucks are a school wide extrinsic motivational tool used to reward students for exemplary behavior and reprimand them for behaviors that detract from the learning environment. Students will accumulate the “Bucks” throughout the school year with the goal of earning enough money (to be matched by the Corporate Sponsor) to participate in the End of Year Study trip. Teachers, the school counselor and principal can distribute or take away Bucks for the following reasons (this list is not all inclusive):



    ü       After school tutoring

    ü       Earning grades of A on assessments

    ü       Exhibiting their advisement sections character trait

    ü       Daily wear of school uniforms

    ü       Participation in “Dress for Success”

    ü       Internships

    ü       Work based learning

    ü       Guest speaker participation

    ü       Over time work in school businesses

    - Not coming to class prepared to learn (without pencil/pen, notebook, paper, textbook, etc.)

    - Repeatedly being out of uniform

    - Receiving detention or suspension

    - Insubordination of any administrative, faculty or staff member

    -Defacing school property

    -Disrupting the operation of school based businesses

    - Tardiness