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      Dr. Danielle S. Battle

      Dr. Danielle S. Battle

      Interim Superintendent Dr. Danielle S. Battle has unabatedly championed student success in the field of education for more than 30 years. Her impactful career launched in the state of North Carolina where her foundation as an educator began as an elementary and middle grades teacher, assistant principal, and principal in Halifax and Wake County Schools. Although North Carolina etched her strong beginnings, it was the pivotal move to Atlanta, Georgia in 2002 and her work with Atlanta Public Schools that cemented her legacy as an educator. Dr. Battle’s tenure in APS began at Parkside Elementary where she served as principal. Situated in the Grant Park community, it was at Parkside where her reputation for modeling expectations for teachers and students on school-wide practices for creating a positive learning culture was born. After serving the Parkside Community for six years, Dr. Battle moved to the middle school feeder, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, as principal, where she continued making instructional strides and interacting with the educational community to build relationships with parents and business partners. She spent three years at King Middle School before being promoted to Associate Superintendent of Schools.

      In the role of Associate Superintendent, Dr. Battle not only provided leadership to principals for developing, achieving, and maintaining educational programs and related services but also allowed her effervescent nature to permeate and influence educators throughout the school district. Before retiring from public education, Dr. Battle's stellar reputation as an effective leader also landed her the opportunity to serve as Interim Chief of Schools and Academics in Atlanta Public Schools. After serving students and communities in APS for 19.5 years, Dr. Battle retired from K-12 education in 2021 with 31 years of service in making lives better for children.

      Dr. Battle pledges to lead forward with CARE: Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy

      Upon retiring, it was not long before she would return to doing what she loves, creating conditions that will optimize student achievement. Her sphere of influence stretched to extend to the state level as a district effectiveness specialist with the Georgia Department of Education, where she worked with school districts to utilize data to drive instructional practices.

      Over the course of her impressive, motivating career, Dr. Battle’s educational effectiveness has been acknowledged and celebrated with numerous honors and awards befitting an educator of her stature. From being twice awarded the Superintendent’s Distinguished Achievement Award to the Champion Leadership Award recipient and many others in between, Dr. Battle has and continues to make her mark in the field of education.

      One of the greatest badges of confidence was bestowed upon Dr. Battle when asked to take the helm of her beloved APS during a critical time of transition. In September of 2023, she began serving as Interim Superintendent. There is no greater service than service to others, and Dr. Battle repeatedly exemplifies this mantra through her life’s work, pledging to lead forward with CARE: Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy.