• Dr. Jones Dear  B.E.S.T. Academy (6-12) Parents,

    It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to the B.E.S.T. Academy (6-12) School Principal’s Page.

    As in previous years, the entire staff of B.E.S.T. Academy (6-12) is focused on providing rigorous learning opportunities for our young men. We continue to learn and master the most effective gender-based instructional strategies and deliver the most relevant and specialized curriculum possible. We invest professional learning time educating ourselves and learning new approaches to help our students meet and exceed the elevated standards which are expected of them.

    As parents and stakeholders, you can expect 100% effort from us. We hope that you will agree to join us in an equal partnership to help your child thrive in our school. It will require creating additional learning opportunities for your child that may cut across traditional lines of thinking. It is a great challenge but simply put; we must innovate or we will fall behind.

    I am pleased, honored and blessed to be the principal of your child's school. I desire to be one of the very BEST examples in your child’s life and in the lives of our faculty, staff and stakeholders.

    Here is my commitment to do my very B.E.S.T. to:

    Build: I will work tirelessly to obtain the highest level of personal and organizational performance. I will commit to building my own professional capacity and the capacity of our staff. I will build bridges so that our young men will cross over life’s chasms with greater ease and designed support. I will acknowledge that perfection is a process and that improvement is a part of that process.

    Explore: I will tenaciously explore every option available to enhance the lives of our young men. I will create opportunities where they have not existed and inspire hope in the presence of hopelessness.  I will seek out partnerships and leverage resources and relationships to ensure a brighter tomorrow for my you men today.

    Serve: I will be passionately committed to serving our school system, school faculty, staff, parents, stakeholders and most importantly our students. I will embrace the great traditions of Atlanta Public Schools and its exceptional leaders.  I will give my full level of self in serving BEST (6-12); I will do this unselfishly and unapologetically.

    Transform: WE will cultivate distributive and shared leadership and create a collaborative culture to mobilize the caring power of our school and our community. WE will be a cohesive team of capable, compassionate, and committed educators. WE will disrupt perceptions, overcome obstacles and succeed in spite of adversity.  I'M POSSIBLE will replace IMPOSSIBLE!

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  We are here to serve you. Welcome again to the PHENOMENAL B.E.S.T. (6-12) @ Benjamin S. Carson.


    Timothy D. Jones Ed.D.
    Principal, B.E.S.T. Academy (6-12)
    1190 Northwest Drive, NW
    Atlanta, Georgia  30318
    Ph. 404-802-4938