Kimberly Elementary School

    • Students shall attend the school in the zone where their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) reside. Parents who want their children to attend an out of zone school must request a General Administrative Transfer through the Office of Student Placement, 130 Trinity Avenue, SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 (404-802-2204).

      The following are procedures for applying for a General Administrative Transfer:

      ·         Applications for out of zone transfers will be accepted during the spring semester of each school year during a time period designated by the Superintendent. The application process typically begins in May and ends in June


      ·         General Administrative Transfer requests will be considered on a first-come, first serve basis after No Child Left Behind requirements have been met.


      ·         A student, who is enrolled in a magnet program at an out of zone school and voluntarily withdraws from the program or is dismissed from the program, must apply for a General Administrative Transfer to remain in the out of zone school.


      ·         Failure to comply with the Atlanta Board of Education Attendance Policy, Student Code of Conduct, or failing grades in course work, may result in revocation of the out of zone transfer.