Kimberly Elementary School


      Students who tryout for or participate on an Atlanta Public Schools’ athletic team must have a current Athletics Participation form on file at his or her school before they are allow to participate. Students who participate in off season conditioning must also have this form on file.

      The Student Athletic Participation form includes the following vital information:
      • Parent permission (parent or guardian signature mandatory)
      • Release for medical treatment (parent or guardian signature mandatory)
      • Insurance verification- (must show proof)
      Students who participate in an APS athletic program must have insurance and be able to show proof of a current insurance policy. Insurance is needed for conditioning, tryouts and in season participation. At no time is it permissible for a student to participate in athletics programs without insurance. If a student does not have insurance, the district offers activity insurance that may be purchased at the school for a minimum price.
      • Media Release
      • Eligibility Certification (Georgia High School Association)
      Confirms student’s residential status and assures that only students that are on track for graduation participate in athletics programs   
      • Physical Examination
      Every student who participates in any Atlanta Public Schools athletic program must have an annual physical examination. The examination must be given by a board certified medical doctor and recorded on the Atlanta Public Schools Permission to Participate and Physical Examination form. No other form is acceptable.
      A Student will be INELIGIBLE for participation if the student:
      • Did not attend School last semester
      • Did not pass five (5) subjects, or the equivalent, toward graduation, the previous semester.      
      • Has not attained required number of accumulated Carnegie Units for years in School
      • Has been in high school more than four consecutive years after his or her first entry in the ninth grade
      • Has attained his or her 19th birthday prior to May 1st proceeding the year of participation
      • Have not completed a physical examination during the past 12 months
      • Is a professional athlete in the sport he or she wishes to participate
      • Is currently in in-School Suspension, in alternative school for disciplinary reasons, or has been expelled by the previous school.
      • Transfers and does not make a bona fide move in the school zone