• End of Year Study Trip


    Sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu determined in years of research concerning social classes that the ruling class has the benefit of economic, social and cultural capital gained at an early age. Many of our students have not had the privilege of growing up within a family with a great deal of economic capital. One of our missions at the school is to help change this cycle of poverty by educating students in the areas of the humanities, sciences and financial literacy. We also seek to provide students with social and cultural capital by broadening their experiences through the use of mentors, field trips and a school climate of high expectations, personal responsibility and motivation from all stakeholders.


    End of Year Study Trip Specifics

    • A trip to New York City, New York during the end of the 2009-2010 school year
    • The trip will possibly include visits to the following landmarks that would enhance student studies in each core discipline area:
      • Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange (Business and Math Education)
      • Broadway, Harlem and NBC studios (Literature and Composition)
      • Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty (Social Studies)
      • Brooklyn Bridge (Science)
      • A Corporate Sponsor matching “Bulldog Bucks” earned by students throughout the school year will finance the trip.