Lakeelar Lee

    Mrs. Lakeelar Lee
    Email: Lakeelar.lee@apsk12.org
    Office: 404-802-8022 
    Panther Parent Center Room 1052

    Panther Parent Center Hours:


    9:00 am - 2:00 pm



    My name is Lakeelar Lee. As the Parent Liaison, I will serve as the link between our parents, the school and our community. Through this connection, I hope to build solid relationships among us to create partnerships for our children at CCES to succeed. I anticipate to increase parental engagement by creating interesting workshops and events for families to enjoy but also learn. I will also ensure that our school is compliant with Title I requirements.


    The Parent Liaison serves as a connection between the home school & community, in order to provide high levels of student achievement and to promote and increase parental involvement:

    • Ensure federal compliance with CCES's Parent Involvement Policy and School-Parent Compact

    • Coordinates and implements parent involvement programs, workshops and/or meetings

    • Plans and coordinates monthly Core Subject parent workshops

    • Informs parents of all student-related activities

    • Organizes and maintains CCES Panther Parent Center

    • Shares important school-related issues with parents 

    • Encourages parents to become more engaged and involved here at CCES

    • Develops a calendar of activities for parents

    One of the many important and wonderful things about CCES is the parental support and involvement. The best way for you to get to know the school, other families and the teachers is through volunteering. Our goal is for every parent to sign-up to help with at least one activity or to volunteer 3 hours during the school year. You choose what fits your schedule and your interest. 


    Stop by the Parent Center today to sign up for a volunteer opportunity!

    Remember to check your child's book bag on Thursdays for their RED communicator folder and return the folder on Fridays!