• Middle School Transformation
    Through the work of Middle School Transformation, every student will be supported by an adult advocate. Every student will be given opportunities to share his/her voice and will be guided toward their maximum potential. All middle schools will also actively engage families and communities to ensure that the vision for moving schools forward, not only supports student growth, but also has the support of its families and surrounding community.

    For this to happen, schools must have engaged leaders and teachers who understand the needs of young adolescents and are prepared to meet those needs.

    National research on middle-level education supports the beliefs that effective, high-performing middle schools challenge their students academically in supportive environments that not only prepare students for high school, but also provide them with skills to be contributing, democratic citizens in a global society.

    Additionally, research shows that while students who drop out of school tend to physically leave while in high school, most students make up their mind to drop out by the 8th grade.

    Although many of our schools have made remarkable gains since Middle School Transformation began, none of our schools have truly met the mark of being 100% aligned to best-practices for this age group.  Our attendance, discipline, achievement and survey data clearly indicate that we still have work to do.

    Even at our best schools, teacher and student responses to our national surveys of middle-level best practices tell us that we must first begin by changing or strengthening the culture and climate of all of our schools so that Atlanta Public Schools’ students can thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

    Therefore, Middle School Transformation will provide professional development, coaching and assistance to schools to ensure that all of this happens.  Our team will facilitate schools’ development of action plans to address their specific school needs and provide support throughout the plan’s implementation, all while remaining aligned to best-practices for the middle-level. 

    Middle School Transformation is not about checking off programs or practices on an established To Do List.  Truly it is about creating the type of environment in every middle school where every child is challenged, supported and adequately prepared to succeed.