M. Agnes Jones Elementary School

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      The Atlanta Public School System has established attendance zones for schools. Students are to attend schools located in zones where they maintain a bonafide residence with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), unless they request and receive administrative approval to enroll elsewhere. Information on school zones is available through local schools, from the Transportation Department at 404-802-5500, from the Office of Student Placement at 404.802.2204.
      A student's school attendance zone is determined by the bona fide primary residence of the custodial parent/legal guardian based on the annual completion of an affidavit and verification in the form of a deed, mortgage statement, or lease (JBCCA-E), and a utility bill. If the parent's primary bona fide residence is within the city limits of Atlanta, the student may enroll in the zoned school. If the parent's primary bona fide residence is outside of the city limits of Atlanta, out-of-district tuition will be assessed for all semesters the student attended an APS school if the student enrolls with falsified documentation. Cases of falsified documentation may also be referred to the appropriate legal authorities.

      Students must attend the school in their attendance zone unless they have administrative approval from the Office of Student Placement. The Office of Student Placement will approve out-of-zone administrative transfers based on the availability of seats at a school as determined by the application of appropriate local, state and federal requirements. Please contact the Student Placement Office for more information regarding administrative transfers at 404-802-2204.