Aquaponics System

Primary STEM Lab

  • The primary grade science lab is staffed with a full time STEM teacher, however, a co-teacher model is used in order to ensure students have the appropriate support for hands-on experiments and facilitation of labs. The STEM and homeroom science teachers collaborate weekly to ensure content and pedagogical practices ensure mastery of the integrated standards. Additionally, mathematics and technology is integrated into the lessons. Students use interactive journals as well as other science logs to record information and track data.

    The primary grade lab contains all of the tools and technology needed for high quality STEM lesson teaching and learning, i.e. microscopes, iPads, computers, probes, Spiroballs, smartboard, etc. The STEM lab utilizes Engineering is Elementary, Hand2Mind, Picture Perfect kits. The lab contains 24 units (circular sectionals for individual and group collaboration) science tables.