• Expert Advice:


    “Being able to balance a busy school schedule and extracurricular activities implies a student is disciplined and can handle responsibility.”

    Bill Conley, Dean of Undergraduate Admission, Case Western Reserve U.

    SAT Words of the month:


    Abase v. To lower in position,                      estimation, or the like; degrade.


    Abhorrent adj. Very repugnant; hateful.


    Bequeath v. To give by will.


    Brevity n. Shortness of duration.


    Catastrophe n. Any great and sudden misfortune or calamity.


    Quote of the Month:

    IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING… you’ll probably end up somewhere else!


    Upcoming Events:


    9th Grade Classroom Guidance ~

                                       January  2013


    Financial Aide Night ~ January 28, 2013


    College and Career Motivation Day    ~

                                    February 1, 2013


    Junior Parent Night  ~  February  2013






      Bulldog Bulletin

    Counselor’s Comments      

    Congratulations on surviving the first semester do the 2012-13 school year.  Each of your high school years are pivotal.  During this time you will make critical decisions that will have a major impact on the next five years of your life and beyond.  During your high school journey you will be challenged academically, exploring careers, as well as becoming familiar with the steps leading to college. You will continue to receive lots of information.  You will continue to learn all about the Atlanta Public Schools High School Graduation Requirements, required tests and how each test relates to your graduation status, as well as the grade level promotion process.  As your counselor, I would like for all of you to be successful and graduate in four years.  Achieving success is simple. Passing all of your classes, attending school each day and passing all required test are a few things that help to guarantee success. I am available to assist you with strategies for success and other skills to prepare you to succeed.  This will continue to be a year for all, with new beginnings, meeting at the road, and traveling where the path leads. In all that you do keep in mind that the tassel is worth the hassle!